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作者: 来源: 日期:2016/11/8 9:01:43

Markets rally as surveys show Clinton hanging on to slim lead





The dollar surged and US equities rallied on the last full day of campaigning yesterday as investors grew more confident of a Hillary Clinton victory despite polls that showed her with only the narrowest of leads over Republican rival Donald Trump.

美元和美国**在总统大选竞选的最后一整天双双反弹,原因是投资者对希拉里•克林顿(Hillary Clinton)胜出更有信心,尽管民调显示她相对于共和党对手唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)只有微小领先优势。广州翻译公司。


The rally came at the end of a ferocious race that has deeply divided the US and alarmed its allies as Mr Trump stirred up raw populist sentiments and Mrs Clinton campaigned under the shadow of a federal investigation.



Financial markets were buoyed by the FBI’s announcement on Sunday that it would not change its recommendation against prosecuting Mrs Clinton for improperly using a personal email server while secretary of state. That sent the dollar up nearly 1 per cent against the euro. The S&P 500 was set to end a nine-day losing streak — its longest since 1980.

联邦调查局(FBI)周日宣布,该局维持7月的决定,即不建议因为希拉里担任国务卿时使用私人电子邮件服务器的丑闻而对她提起公诉,这个消息使金融市场受到鼓舞。美元兑欧元上涨近1%。标准普尔500(S&P 500)指数结束持续九天的连跌,这是自1980年以来最长跌势。


The two candidates spent election eve blitzing swing states where Mrs Clinton’s poll leads were, in many cases, within the margin of error. The final day average of national polls showed her with a narrow 3.2 per cent advantage.



Mrs Clinton’s camp has been encouraged by early voting results, particularly in Florida, where analyst Michael McDonald at the University of Florida said Hispanic turnout was up nearly 87 per cent from four years ago. Florida is the largest of the swing states and Mrs Clinton has held a tenuous lead there.

希拉里阵营受到提前投票结果的鼓舞,特别是在佛罗里达州。佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)分析师迈克尔•麦克唐纳(Michael McDonald)表示,西语裔的投票率比四年前高出近87%。佛罗里达州是最大的摇摆州,希拉里在该州的领先优势一直相当勉强。


But early voting data also showed lower-than-expected African-American turnout in North Carolina, another Clinton bellwether, and Mr Trump’s camp touted data in big Midwestern states showing impressive returns from white voters. More than 42m Americans have cast their vote before today’s election day, shattering previous records.



Despite Mrs Clinton’s being cleared of wrongdoing in the email case by FBI director James Comey, Mr Trump ­continued to hammer on the issue ­confounding suggestions by aides that he would take a more upbeat message into voting day.

尽管联邦调查局局长詹姆斯•科米(James Comey)确定希拉里在电邮案件中没有不当行为,但特朗普还是抓住这件事不放,未能印证他的助手们的说法:他在迎接投票日到来之际将发出比较积极的信息。广州翻译公司。


Nobody in this room can believe what’s going on with the FBI and the Department of Justice,” Mr Trump told a Florida rally. “Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency.”



Mrs Clinton attempted to focus on her theme of bringing the country together after one of the most divisive races in recent history. “These splits, these divides that have been not only exposed but exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we really do have to bring together,” she said.



Despite the two being the most unpopular nominees in modern history, they continued to draw big crowds.



Mr Trump was due in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan before polls open, while Mrs Clinton began the day in Pittsburgh before going to Michigan, Philadelphia and North Carolina.



Swing state polling indicates that the race is tightest in New Hampshire and Nevada, and the heavyweight states of Florida and North Carolina.



Reporting by Lindsay Whipp in Ann Arbor and Courtney Weaver in Manchester

林赛•惠普(Lindsay Whipp)安娜堡和考特尼•韦弗(Courtney Weaver)曼彻斯特补充报道