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作者: 来源: 日期:2016/12/15 8:50:12

Beijing threatens to fine US carmaker





China is threatening to fine a US automaker for monopolistic behaviour in what some analysts are calling a warning by Beijing in response to heightened tension with the incoming US administration of president-elect Donald Trump.

中国威胁要处罚一家美国汽车制造商的垄断行为,一些分析师称,此举是北京方面发出的一个警告,矛头指向给双边关系带来紧张的美国当选总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)及其领导的新一届行政当局。广州汽车翻译公司。


Zhang Handong, director of Beijing’s powerful regulator the National Development and Reform Commission’s price supervision bureau, declined yesterday in an interview to name the company.



However, he told the state-run China Daily newspaper said investigators had found that the carmaker had given instructions to its distributors to fix prices as far back as 2014.



Analysts speculated the timing of the interview may have something to do with Mr Trump’s support for Taiwan.



The government chose this timing because this is a transitional period for US-China relations,” said Zhong Shi, an independent automotive analyst in Beijing. “By targeting the US automakers from among all the companies out there, China is taking pre-emptive action to show that Beijing is capable of taking control of trade.”

“政府选择了这个时机,因为现在是美中关系的一个过渡期,”北京的独立汽车分析师钟师表示。“在那么多公司中挑出美国公司作为执法对象,说明中国正在采取先发制人的行动,表明北京方面有能力控制贸易。” 广州汽车翻译公司。


However, Mr Zhang said: “No one should read anything improper into the timing of penalty decisions or businesses that are targeted,” and emphasised that both Chinese and foreign businesses were being held to account for anti-competitive behaviour.



Mr Trump a fortnight ago broke nearly 40 years of protocol when he accepted a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen — a move that irked Beijing, which regards Taiwan as an inalienable part of China.

两周前,特朗普打破近40年的外交惯例,接听了台湾领导人蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)的道贺电话,此举引起北京方面不快,后者认为台湾是中国不可分割的一部分。


Last weekend, Mr Trump went a step further and questioned the One China policy, under which the US withdrew diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in 1979 in favour of Beijing. China hit back, saying the policy was the “bedrock” of relations between the two countries.



An editorial in the same paper on Tuesday urged Mr Trump to consider the importance of close economic ties between China and the US, rather than “trying to gain an upper hand in what is essentially a win-win relationship”.



History proves that what is good for Sino-US relations is good for their economies,” it said, adding that Chinese customers bought more than a third of the almost 10m vehicles General Motors sold worldwide last year.

该报称,历史证明,对中美关系有利的,对两国的经济也有利,并补充称,中国顾客购买了通用汽车(General Motors)去年在全球销售的近1000万辆汽车的三分之一以上。


Janet Lewis of Macquarie Securities, speculated that the target could be either Ford or GM, both of which are major automobile sellers to China.

麦格理证券(Macquarie Securities)的珍妮特•刘易斯(Janet Lewis)推测,发改委的处罚对象可能是福特(Ford)或通用,两家都是中国汽车市场的大型卖家。


However, both have been aggressively discounting their sales recently, which does not support suggestion of monopolistic behaviour.