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作者: 来源: 日期:2016/10/8 8:22:55

May warned over ‘hard Brexit’ as pound flash crash highlights fears





British business leaders are to warn Theresa May against pursuing her current tilt towards a “hard Brexit” as a flash crash in the pound underscored mounting market concern about the UK government’s stance on leaving the EU.

英国商界领袖将要对特里萨•梅(Theresa May)目前的“硬退欧”倾向提出警告。与此同时,英镑的一轮闪电暴跌,凸显出市场对于英国政府在脱离欧盟(EU)问题上的立场越来越感到担忧。广州金融翻译公司。


On a day that saw sterling fall more than 6 per cent against the dollar before recovering most of its losses, a group of top executives said any UK exit from the EU without maintaining special ties to Europe’s common market should be ruled out “under any circumstances”.



In a letter to Mrs May drafted by the CBI employers group seen by the Financial Times, the executives plead with the prime minister to take companies’ views more into account, amid fears that she is sidelining business as she plots her Brexit strategy.



The government must set out a clear road map for consulting with firms of all sectors and sizes to increase confidence that these complex decisions are taken on the basis of fact and a genuine understanding of the economic implications,” the letter said.



Relations between the government and business reached a nadir following a series of speeches at the Conservative party conference this week that were strongly critical of UK business, including one by Mrs May herself.



Signals at the conference that the UK would put limits on immigration ahead of remaining part of the EU customs union or single market and Mrs May’s attack on the “international elite” also prompted warnings from foreign leaders, including German chancellor Angela Merkel, that the EU would take a hard line in Brexit negotiations.

大会上释放了这样的信号:英国会把限制移民摆在留在欧盟关税同盟或共同市场内的前面。这些信号加上梅对“国际精英”的抨击引发了包括德国总理安格拉•默克尔(Angela Merkel)在内的多名外国领导人的警告,称欧盟会在英国退欧谈判中采取强硬路线。


Business nervousness over Mrs May’s stance was heightened by the sterling flash crash on Asian markets. Shortly after they opened yesterday, the pound lost as much as 6.1 per cent, falling to $1.1841 in two minutes. The dip sparked talk that it could have been triggered by a “fat finger” trade or rogue algorithm, exacerbated by thin liquidity. It followed a week in which the currency had fallen steadily over fears about Brexit’s effect on the UK’s economy.

而亚洲交易时段英镑的闪电崩盘也加剧了商界对梅立场的紧张情绪。就在昨天开盘后不久,英镑跌幅曾高达6.1%,在两分钟内跌至1英镑兑1.1841美元。这一暴跌引发了它或由“胖指头”(fat finger)交易失误或流氓算法引发、并被低流动性放大的说法。此前一周,由于市场担心退欧对英国经济的影响,英镑汇率一直在稳步下跌。广州金融翻译公司。


It recovered to trade at about $1.24, but remained at its lowest level since May 1985 and saw the biggest intraday drop against the dollar since its 11.1 per cent plunge on June 24 in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU.